What are Common Executive Interview Questions?

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Executives often receive high salaries for their work and, because of this, it is important to ask executive interview questions that will find the best employee for the job. Examples of executive interview questions include topics that range from management philosophy to ability to deal with legal issues. In addition, most executive candidates are questions about their technical abilities, and past behaviors.

Often, one of the most common executive interview questions is in regards to the management philosophy of the individual being interviewed. The management philosophy that is most desired for a particular company can vary quite a bit, based on the type of industry the company is operating in. For example, a question that inquires about the way that an executive would coach an employee through a poor performance evaluation would vary quite a bit depending on the specific organization. Companies that have a creative edge may look for an executive that answers the question with a fresh perspective, while those that focus on law or legal concerns might want a response that demonstrates mastery of existing practices.


Another common executive interview question is in regards to the amount of experience dealing with legal issues that the potential employee has. Even though the individual applying for the position may not necessarily be a lawyer, he or she is still expected to be well versed in a number of legal areas, including employment and unemployment law. Often, a potential executive will be questioned about their experience dealing with sexual harassment or implementing new changes in employment policies.

As executives are often required to work with high amounts of technology, executive interview questions will likely focus on these abilities. As with the topic related to legal knowledge, executives typically are not expected to be the company accountant. However, they may be expected to have a basic knowledge of website and database management. Many potential executive candidates should be expected to answer questions related to their familiarity and ability to work with these kinds of technology.

Executive interview questions may also focus closely on past behaviors and projects performed by the potential candidate. They may include questions about the candidate's ability to work with colleagues with whom he or she may have had disagreements. In addition, the candidate may be questioned about his or her past recruiting plans. The answers to these questions often say quite a bit about the success or failure of a possible executive candidate.



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