What Are Coffee Cake Muffins?

Similar to coffee cakes, coffee cake muffins are a type of muffin which includes a streusel topping. An American creation, these muffins are traditionally served for breakfast and are often paired with coffee. Coffee cake muffins may topped with glaze, butter, or simply left to stand on their own.

Flour, white sugar, and salt are normally found in both the streusel topping and the batter of coffee cake muffins. The streusel often includes cinnamon, brown sugar, and unsalted butter. Vanilla extract, baking powder, baking soda, and eggs are common ingredients for the batter. Usually, milk or sour cream will be included as well. Other flavorings, such as pecans, blueberries, or orange zest may be also be added.

To make the batter for coffee cake muffins, the dry ingredients are mixed separately from the wet ingredients. After both are thoroughly mixed, the center of the dry mixture is shifted to form an indentation, normally referred to as a well, into which the wet ingredients are poured and stirred. Once all the dry ingredients are wet, the batter should be mixed no further. Over-mixed batter creates heavy, dense muffins. Although a whisk or spoon is often used to mix the batter, the process can be completed entirely in a food processor or a stand mixer with a paddle attachment.

The streusel is created by combining the sugar, spices, and flour together, then mixing in the melted butter to make a grainy, clumping mixture. Normally a fork or fingers are used to blend the streusel, but a pastry blender also works well. Once the topping is created, it is normally chilled.

The muffin batter is poured into a muffin pan. Each muffin form should be lined with paper cups, buttered and floured, or sprayed with cooking spray. The forms are filled approximately two-thirds full to allow room for the muffins to rise. After the batter is poured, the streusel is sprinkled on top of each uncooked muffin. The topping should completely cover the surface and be pressed slightly into the batter, but should not be heaped onto the top.

Coffee cake muffins usually cook for less than half an hour. Often, the pan is turned half way through cooking to ensure even baking. Although they should be cooled when removed from the oven, these muffins are often served warm. Simple glazes can be made by mixing confectioner's sugar with milk or water.


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