What are Causes of Chronic Hip Pain?

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There are a number of reasons why people experience chronic hip pain. Some have to do with an ongoing health condition that must be managed with physical therapy and medication. In other situations, the hip pain can be corrected, and avoid the ongoing use of various treatments to manage the pain. Some of the more common causes for pain in the hips include tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, and simple hip fractures or sprains.

Trauma to the hips can often result in chronic hip pain. For example, injuries sustained in an accident may lead to some type of hip fracture or hip strain that will require medical attention before it will subside. In situations of this nature, the course of treatment is normally to contain the fracture and provide the time for the fractured bones to heal. At the same time, medication to help ease the pain is administered, with the dosage and frequency varying, based on the severity of the patient’s condition.

Ongoing ailments can also be the root cause for chronic hip pain. Arthritis comes in many forms, with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis being the two that normally impact hip function. In the early stages, it may be possible to manage the arthritis with such treatments as water therapy, where the individual gently exercises the joints while immersed in hot water. As the condition advances, there may be a need to consider hip replacement in order to resolve the constant pain.


Bursitis is another likely cause behind the chronic hip pain. This condition involves the inflammation of the bursa, which are the fluid-filled sacs that cushioning between the joints, muscles, and tendons. Since bursitis is sometimes brought on by overuse of the joints, resting for a time can help ease the pain, as well as taking medication that aids in reducing the inflammation.

Along with bursitis, tendinitis has the capability of causing a great deal of chronic hip pain. With this ailment, the tendons that connect the muscles to the hips become strained and swollen, causing each attempt at movement to be quite painful. Like bursitis, alleviating chronic hip pain due to tendinitis often means resting the inflamed areas and using medication that helps the swelling to subside.

Individuals who suffer with chronic hip pain should work closely with a physician to periodically evaluate how the current course of treatment is doing in terms of minimizing the pain. Monitoring the underlying cause for the hip pain closely will make it easier to adjust the treatments as necessary, or move on to a more aggressive solution like surgery before the patient becomes incapacitated. With the right treatment options, chronic hip pain can be effectively managed, allowing the individual to take part in day to day activities with a minimum of discomfort.



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