What are Carpet Squares?

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Carpet squares, also known as carpet tiles, are modular sections of carpeting which are typically cut into a square shape. The squares can be put together to create an area rug, or installed in a room as wall to wall carpeting. There are a number of reasons why people use carpet squares, including the fact that they are very easy to install, incredibly diverse, and easier to handle than typical rolled carpeting. Many home supply stores sell carpet squares, and they can also be directly ordered from companies which make them.

Most carpet squares are designed with grippers on their backs to hug subflooring or carpeting. They can be snapped together with an assortment of fasteners, and they are typically easy to trim to fit various spaces, with the assistance of a carpet knife. Construction materials for carpet squares vary widely; many companies make environmentally friendly carpet squares, for example, using recycled and/or natural materials to appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

One of the biggest advantages to carpet squares is that severely damaged sections of carpet can be easily removed without tearing out the entire carpet. In offices, which often have several high traffic areas of carpet that wear out first, carpet tiles can save money and time. In homes, squares can be periodically replaced in high traffic areas, spots which have been damaged by pets, and in other instances where a section of carpet may have become damaged.


Much like laminate flooring, carpet squares are designed to be easy enough to install at home with no experience. A major producer of carpet squares claims that an entire room can be carpeted in an afternoon, especially with the assistance of a team of helpers. This modular carpeting can also be used to create incredibly diverse looks; for example, alternating colors could be tiled, or accent squares in distinct patterns or colors could be added to a carpet to make it more visually interesting. If you enjoy switching your interior design scheme around frequently, carpet squares can also enable this.

Most manufacturers claim that their carpet squares will stay put through vacuuming, heavy traffic, and other hard use. Installation directions vary, depending on manufacturer and intended use, but they are usually relatively straightforward, and because the carpet is chunked into small sections, it is much less unwieldy and more forgiving than a more conventional carpet.



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