What are Business Credit Card Rewards?

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Business credit card rewards are those extra bonuses that may encourage people to use their credit cards more frequently. There are a number of business credit card rewards than any credit company or bank may offer. Sometimes a company needs to give serious thought as to the rewards on a card, since they might save money or provide extra bonuses that are desirable to the business.

One type of reward is cash back on purchases. The amount of cash returned is typically pretty small, and is usually no more than 2-3% of total purchases. Types of purchases may either have a greater or lesser cash return, or some use might not qualify for the cash back offer. Still, many people look for business credit card rewards that are cash back, since this may discount most or all purchases at a slight rate, and saving money is almost always a desirable thing.

Other times, business credit card rewards offer frequent flyer miles or discounts on gasoline. These can be useful if the card is primarily used during travel and if an important aspect of the business is travel. Those who would typically use their cars a lot for business might want to look for gas cards, and those businesses that employ air flight quite a bit may want to find frequent flyer rewards. Other travel bonuses may be part of business credit card rewards packages. These could include discounts on car rentals or hotel stays.


Another form of business credit card rewards is bonus points. Points are accumulated and are used to purchase things from a lender's online store or a designated vendor. In contrast, some rewards have to do with giving business owners access to special things, like executive lounges, or tickets for special seating at certain events like sporting games, concerts or Broadway plays. The degree to which these rewards are an asset to the business can be variable.

Rewards are attractive, and they’re meant to attract customers. However, they may also be paid for by higher interest, fees to possess a certain credit card, or penalties. A company must weigh whether the rewards are worth owning the card, and this may not always be the case. It’s a brilliant marketing idea to dangle the carrot of what seems like a generous card loaded with bonuses. while hiding the stick in many pages of fine print.

The smart company will not be fooled by the come hither approach of business card rewards. They’ll make their decisions based on best interest rate, low fees, and most potential savings to the company. This is not to say that there aren't some great credit offers that have equally terrific bonuses. Finding these means doing some serious comparative work, but the time spent can certainly benefit the business’ bottom line.



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