What are Bullnose Pavers?

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Bullnose pavers are a type of brick or concrete block that is slightly rounded on one end. It is often used in building outdoor stairs, but might also be sought after for constructing a flowerbed or edging a patio. They are typically attached, or joined, by using mortar or concrete. These blocks come in many different sizes and colors, so a style can be chosen to blend with almost any surrounding.

There are many different sizes of bullnose pavers. Small ones might be around four inches (10.16 cm) wide and 12-and-1/2 inches (31.75 cm) long. Larger pieces can be around six inches wide (15.88 cm) and 12-and-1/2 inches long. Both small and large blocks are usually just under 2-and-1/2 inches (6.35 cm) high.

While brick is the most common material used in the manufacture of bullnose pavers, they might also be made from concrete. Blocks constructed of brick are typically smooth on the top but may have coarse edges to them. Those made of concrete may be slightly rough, both on the top and the sides.

Bullnose pavers can be purchased in a variety of colors. Some of the more common shades are red, brown, gray, and cream. Cement pavers are usually uncolored, but can be painted with a concrete stain if desired.


This product is most often used in making stairs. This is because its rounded edges tend to allow people to walk up and down without tripping over them. They are also frequently chosen because the rounded edges might give a finished project a softer look. Some of these uses can included raised garden beds, walkways, and patios to name a few.

These rounded pavers are typically laid much in the same manner as traditional brick. A mortar or similar substance is normally placed between them to hold them together tightly. Once this product has dried, these blocks are permanently attached and are not easily broken or removed.

Generally speaking, only a few bullnose pavers are needed in any particular project. This is usually because they have a very specific purpose, which is to create a softer and somewhat rounded edge. Although these stones can be somewhat more expensive than a brick or cement block that is approximately the same size, it is usually worthwhile to purchase them nonetheless. Doing so can give a backyard or garden a unique look, while promoting safety at the same time.



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