What are Body Moisturizers?

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Body moisturizers are skincare products designed to soften and moisturize the skin on the body. They tend to be thicker and heavier than facial moisturizers, which are designed to be light and not clog the pores. There are many different types of body moisturizers available, with many different properties.

At the most basic, body moisturizers are generally made in an emollient base designed to seal in moisture. These emollients, or water-binding agents, typically include petrolatum, mineral oil, glycerin, ceramide, or lanolin, among others. Petrolatum and mineral oil tend to be found in less expensive moisturizers. In addition to the emollient base, a moisturizing ingredient is of course necessary.

Moisturizing ingredients tend to include plant or fruit oils, such as avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or shea butter, among many others. Some body moisturizers are designed to calm red or itchy skin, and may include anti-irritants such as chamomile, aloe, or green tea. In addition, antioxidants and cell repair ingredients such as vitamins A, C, and E are very common, as well as peptides. Organic body moisturizers may contain all natural ingredients.


Some body moisturizers contain sunscreen, though this is not very common, as it is in facial lotion. Moisturizers that give the appearance of tanned skin without actually having to go out in the sun are very popular. Some moisturizers may add fragrance as well, which can help to provide a light, delicate scent that is not as overwhelming as perfume can be. Anti-aging body moisturizers are also common, which promise to help minimize the signs of aging on the skin.

It is important to use body moisturizer to care for the skin. Skin that is not moisturized can appear dry, flaky, or may even crack; it may also be itchy or red. Those with particularly dry skin will want to purchase a thicker body lotion or body cream, while those with regular skin may be able to use a simpler lotion.

The best way to apply body moisturizer is right after the shower to help seal in the moisture. Exfoliate the skin regularly with a gentle exfoliating brush, and scrub to slough off dead skin and reveal fresher skin underneath. Regularly exfoliating the skin and applying body moisturizer once or twice a day is a great way to keep skin looking and feeling healthy all year long.



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