What are Bad Credit Mortgages?

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Bad credit mortgages are a type of home loan option that is specifically for people who are not considered to be good credit risks. Usually, this type of real estate loan is reserved for people with bad credit ratings due to a variety of factors, but who still wish to pursue the goal of owning their own home. In spite of the poor credit, lenders who are willing to take a chance on these higher risk borrowers will provide a home mortgage using this particular type of loan agreement.

There is no doubt that bad credit mortgages can be beneficial to many different people. A bad credit rating can take place due to a wide range of factors, such as an extended illness in the family, a prolonged period of unemployment, or other types of emergency situations. Even when the credit issues created by these adverse circumstances have been resolved, their impact may still be felt on the credit rating for years. This can mean the individual with the compromised credit rating will not be able to obtain loans or mortgages that would be readily available to someone who has a stable source of income and does not have a record of recent credit issues.


One important aspect of bad credit mortgages is that these types of mortgage loans are generally offered at a higher rate of interest. This is understandable, since the lender is assuming a higher degree of risk by extending the mortgage to someone with less than desirable credit. However, it is important to note that this higher interest rate will mean the final amount paid for the home will be considerably higher.

In addition, not all bad credit mortgages include the short grace periods that are extended in many other types of mortgages. This can mean that even if the borrower is no more than one day late in making a monthly mortgage payment, the lender has the ability to foreclose on the property. Before signing anything, it is important for the applicant to read every portion of the mortgage agreement and determine what types of rights and avenues of recourse are provided with the loan arrangement.

While the majority of bad credit mortgages offered today are legitimate, there are organizations that prey on the desperation of potential home buyers with bad credit by using promotional strategies that are not completely forthcoming with details on how the mortgage plan works. Anyone who is seeking information on bad credit mortgages should make it a point to only work with lenders who are completely forthcoming with all the terms and conditions associated with the mortgage agreement.



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