What are Asbestos Removal Contractors?

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Asbestos removal contractors are professional contractors that remove asbestos from old buildings. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was once widely used in ceiling and floor tiles, insulation, and other types of building materials. Any building or home constructed before 1978 likely contains asbestos.

Asbestos removal contractors understand the procedure necessary to remove asbestos from a building without contaminating the air during the removal process, or the environment during disposal. Each state has different requirements for asbestos removal, and a contractor that specializes in this field will be familiar with the certifications necessary to complete the job. In some states, there are no particular requirements for a person to remove asbestos containing material in their own, privately owned residence. It may seem tempting to conduct the removal without asbestos removal contractors, but there are significant risks involved.

Asbestos removal contractors carry out a variety of duties. They determine if building materials in a home contain asbestos material, they remove the affected material, and they dispose of the material properly. Providing this all-inclusive service reduces the risk of asbestos exposure to the people living or working in the affected building as well as the public.

It may be tempting to remove asbestos containing materials without employing asbestos removal contractors, but the specific training and equipment used by these professionals make their services a worthwhile investment. The asbestos removal contractor will create an airlock outside of the area where he is working. This involves creating an enclosed corridor, typically constructed from sheets of plastic. The contractor uses this airlock to prevent contamination to outside areas.

The contractor steps inside the airlock and suits up with protective gear, which includes disposable coveralls and respirators, Then he heads into the work area. At the end of the shift, he goes back into the airlock corridor, strips off his gear, and leaves it behind for the next day. He exist the double door chamber, leaving the protective gear behind to reduce the risk of the contractor bringing asbestos particles into the common area.

Asbestos removal contractors, once they complete their work, will clean the area to remove any remaining asbestos particles. The contractor typically wets the area thoroughly to prevent the asbestos particles from becoming airborne, and then sweeps or wipes down the entire room. Until the contractor completes the cleaning, it is necessary to have the ventilation system to that area turned off to prevent asbestos particles from escaping into the rest of the building.

Finally, the asbestos removal contractor will dispose of the contaminated material. Asbestos is a hazardous material, and requires specialized disposal methods. An asbestos removal contractor will know the local regulations for packaging the asbestos containing material, and disposing of it safely.


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