Should I Adopt a Puppy?

There is no doubt that puppies are endearing, however with all of their charming qualities comes a lot of work for the owner. Puppies require a lot of love and attention. Before you adopt the newest four legged furry baby into your family, there are many advantages and disadvantages that you should consider first.

If you are looking to adopt a puppy, you should have a lot of time to devote to his or her care. This can be a disadvantage as feedings, exercise, training, and bonding need to be done not only daily but several times throughout the day. If you can’t be home for most of the day, you should have a friend or family member there to be able to help you.

It can be quite expensive to adopt a puppy. Not only will you need money for supplies such as leashes, bowls, and food but you will also have to pay for vet visits, vaccinations and possibly prescriptions. You should budget for any upcoming expenses that you will have to pay for so that it won’t feel like such an impact on your wallet when the time comes.

One advantage to having a puppy is that you have a bundle of potential humor running around your home. Puppies trip over themselves, get surprised when they see themselves in the mirror and get quizzical expressions on their faces when they discover something new. It is possible that you will find yourself smiling at much of their antics.

Another advantage to getting a puppy as opposed to an older dog is that you are getting a blank slate to work with when you adopt a puppy. There are no potential bad habits already formed and you can train them the way that you see fit. Many puppies are ready and willing to learn, and the bribery of a treat doesn’t hurt either.

When deciding whether you should adopt a puppy you should consider the fact that you will need to puppy proof your entire home and keep it that way. This can be a difficult if not annoying thing to do. Baby gates should be put up in front of stairs to prevent accidental falls and locks ought to be put on cabinet doors that are floor level. Also, any cords need to be put away and any stray items that are on your floor should be put away. Before you adopt a puppy, a good way to make sure that your house is safe is to get down on floor level and crawl around. While it sounds silly, you can see your world from your puppy’s eyes, which could help you better protect him or her.

When you adopt a puppy, you gain a companion that you could grow older with. You can celebrate your years together and it’s especially great for a child as they can grow up together. Seeing him grow to be a mature dog is a fantastic experience. Although they take a lot of work, they make wonderful pets. When you adopt a puppy, it’s not a responsibility that should be taken lightly.


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This article is a great overview on the whole process, but just remember, you should really think hard before getting a puppy, even a free one.

I guess I'm saying that just because you can get a free adoption puppy doesn't mean you should, especially if you work all day and that puppy ends up in a crate for 8 hours or more at a time. That's not healthy for the puppy, and it will be unhappy and unhealthy.

So just remember, puppies (and all animals) have their needs too, so make sure that you can meet them before you adopt.

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Having adopted several puppies over the years, I have a few tips to share.

First, adoptable puppies should be around 8 weeks old. Any younger than that is not really good for the puppies.

Also, many people don't realize it, but puppy training is definitely a full-time job in the beginning. It takes full resolve to be a consistent and positive puppy owner. Right around 4-5 months, they suddenly understand all the house rules and really just want to please their owners.

If you're not up for that, then you may want to reconsider adopting.

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