Is There a Cure for Brain Cancer?

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There are many forms of brain cancer, and while some are more treatable than others, there is no current permanent cure for cancer. There are many treatments that attempt to remove the cancer from the brain through a variety of means, which primarily include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments have varying degrees of success, depending upon the type and severity of the brain cancer, the age and general health of the patient, and the availability of treatments, both standard and alternative. Since the brain is the most important system within the body, any deformity and problem in this area can cause serious issues. In this type of disease, normally a tumor is formed either inside the brain or the central nervous system of the brain, or it could come from some other part of the body as a result of breast cancer, lung cancer or other affected parts or tissues of the human body. Care should be taken before choosing any method and one should carefully consider the instructions given by the doctor.


There are several options for the cure for brain cancer that are available, but the right selection is done after an analysis of the complete situation and the related risk issues of the treatment. Surgery is the most common treatment method for the cure for brain cancer and in this treatment the surgeon uses surgical tools to remove the tumor. This treatment is extremely dangerous as it can also harm the healthy tissues surrounding the cancerous cells. It involves cutting and removing the cancerous tissues and cells and is carried out only when the cancer is at the initial stages and has not grown too large.

Radiation therapy is an effective method for the cure for brain cancer. It is a non-surgical method that involves focusing radiation on the affected tissue. Radiation is often used in conjunction with surgery and/or chemotherapy by shrinking the malignant tumor, making it more easily removed during surgery or killed by chemotherapy. If surgery is not possible, it may be the front line of treatment.

The other method used for the cure of brain cancer is chemotherapy, which involves the intake of the medicines/drugs designed for it. This method is employed when there are cases of large tumors which cannot be treated by any other method. Chemotherapy is usually used after surgery or radiation therapy. During this treatment plan the surgeon usually implants wafers containing chemotherapy medication, which eliminates the remains of the cancerous tissues.



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