Is It Possible to Prevent Pimples?

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A person can consider many different suggestions when he wants to prevent pimples. Among them are those that recommend keeping his hands away from his face and keeping his skin clean. Avoiding stress or coping with it effectively might also help prevent the aggravation of acne symptoms. Some experts also recommend eating well to promote overall skin health. When natural methods of prevention fail, however, a dermatologist can prescribe medications that help.

One way to prevent pimples is to keep one's hands away from his face. When a person touches his face, he risks putting oils and bacteria from his fingertips onto his facial skin. This may not be much of a problem for people who are not prone to acne, but it can make matters worse for someone who is. Likewise, if a person's skin is irritated, frequent touching could aggravate the problem. Additionally, a person may do well to avoid picking at his pimples, as this can cause or spread infection and lead to scarring.


Often, people are advised to keep their skin clean when they want to prevent pimples. As a result, a person might think the presence of acne means his skin is dirty. This isn't true, however, as even the cleanest skin can develop pimples, and stripping the skin of oils with harsh cleansing products can actually cause pimples to form. Instead, washing the skin a couple of times a day with a mild cleansing agent can help by removing bacteria from the surface of the skin and cleaning away excess oils.

Finding ways to cope with stress might also help prevent pimples. Some studies have shown evidence that emotional stress contributes to or aggravates pimples. As such, if a person can reduce the amount of stress he deals with on a daily basis or find good ways to cope, he may eventually see fewer pimples or struggle with fewer flare-ups of acne.

Eating a well-balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains may also help prevent pimples. These foods are known to promote overall skin health. As such, giving the body these nutrient-rich foods could help it fight bacteria that contribute to pimples.

Some pimples form because of the presence of bacteria under the skin, hormonal imbalances, or overactive oil glands. In such cases, natural methods might not be effective for preventing pimples. When a person's best efforts fail, he may need a medication that can balance his hormones or kill bacteria that affect the skin. Some medications even benefit individuals by shrinking oils glands and making it harder for the body to produce excess oil.



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