Is It Possible to Prevent Dandruff?

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In many cases, it may in fact be possible to prevent dandruff, unless it is caused by an actual medical condition on the scalp. For most people, however, it simply occurs when the scalp begins to exfoliate at a more rapid than normal rate, which can be caused by a number of different factors. Experts generally recommend frequent shampooing, moderating or eliminating the use of styling products, and and working to manage stress in everyday life as some of the best ways to prevent dandruff. Making sure to regularly eat a healthy diet will also contribute to the health of the skin over the entire body, including the scalp.

A common misconception is that dandruff is caused by a dry scalp. Though a dry scalp can cause some flakes, in most cases actual dandruff is caused by a scalp that is too oily, not too dry. As a result, shampooing regularly, typically on a daily basis, can be one of the best ways to treat and prevent dandruff. Gentle shampoo is generally recommended; there is typically no need to use a harsh shampoo just to prevent flakes. If dandruff does occur and is excessive, a chemical shampoo designed to treat dandruff may be a good idea.


Another effective way to prevent dandruff is to cut back on the use of styling products. Items such as hair gel and hairspray, which sit directly on the scalp, are leading culprits of an oily, flaky scalp. Reducing their use as much as possible, or switching to lighter products may be a good idea.

Changes in lifestyle can help to prevent dandruff as well. In many cases, stress can cause the skin on the face and scalp to over-produce oil, contributing to blemishes and dandruff. Reducing stress as much as possible can actually be a very effective way to prevent the flakes from occurring. In addition, eating a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients will ensure that the skin and hair are healthy, and may be a good way to prevent dandruff as well as improve overall health.

For some people, getting a little bit of sun on the scalp can also help to treat and prevent dandruff. This does not mean laying out in the sun and baking, because it is still possible to get skin cancer on the scalp, just like anywhere else on the body. A few minutes of sun each day, however, can be very beneficial.



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