Is It Possible to Get Podiatry Insurance?

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It is normally possible to get podiatry insurance included with a more comprehensive medical insurance plan. Depending on the policies available from different medical insurance companies, this type of insurance may be optional and carry an additional monthly cost. Some medical insurance companies may offer this coverage to patients as a preventative care measure without an extra charge on their premium payments. Standard podiatry insurance coverage is designed to help with the expenses of corrective surgeries and other needed treatments for foot conditions that interfere with normal daily movement. Another type of podiatry insurance is available to physicians who practice this specialty in order to safeguard them against malpractice litigation.

Many people seek treatment from podiatrists because of common foot problems such as bunions, bone spurs, congenital deformities, and complications from arthritis. Podiatry clinics are also normally equipped to treat injuries such as foot or ankle sprains and fractures. Different medical insurance plans will usually cover the costs of treatment and rehabilitation according to the specific terms of each patient's policy. In some cases, patients may be approved for insurance coverage depending on certain conditions such as their overall health histories. Just as with other types of health insurance plans, patients with podiatry insurance coverage may be limited to choosing a podiatrist from a network of doctors who accept payments from certain insurance companies.


Another type of podiatry insurance protects practicing doctors from the potentially expensive costs of making mistakes in their treatment procedures. Most podiatrists make every effort to provide the best possible care for their patients' foot injuries and other conditions, though unintentional negative side effects can still happen. In some regions, podiatrists are required to carry this type of liability insurance in order to open an active practice.

Even when not required by law in other geographic areas, podiatrists are still normally encouraged to purchase one of these malpractice insurance policies to safeguard them against significant financial losses. In cases of mistakes in treatment that lead to patient illness or further injury, this kind of malpractice podiatry insurance will help to cover the costs of attorney fees, patient compensation, and any related court fees. Depending on the terms of some insurance providers, podiatrists may also have the options to purchase supplemental disability coverage from the same company just in case they are ever unable to continue practicing due to serious illnesses or injuries.



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