How Should I Choose a Gift Registry?

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A gift registry allows those who will be receiving gifts to go to shops of their choosing and enter items they like into a database. The database becomes available to all who will be expected to purchase a gift. The benefit to this, of course, is that the recipient doesn't receive a gift she doesn't want and no money is wasted. Gift registries are especially popular for weddings and baby showers, but they're becoming commonplace for children's birthday parties as well. Which gift registry is right for you? Read on for tips on choosing a gift registry.

Knowing which store to choose for your gift registry depends on your taste and your guests' price range. For instance, you might love Nieman Marcus, but if your family and friends shop at K-Mart, you're going to run into to trouble. Your first consideration is to those who will be purchasing the gifts. Be sure the store or stores you select for your gift registry are affordable for all involved.

Select stores with a wide range of merchandise. Not only will this allow you to choose a wider range of items, it will give your guests more options. Even though they're basically being handed a shopping list, some people still like to feel they're choosing the perfect gift for you. Major department stores not only have plenty of merchandise, but will also remove items from the gift registry once they are purchased, cutting down on duplicate gifts.


You'll also want to choose stores with a gift registry that can be accessed over the Internet. For some people it's more convenient to shop during their lunch hour or from the comfort of their own home. Ordering online gives them one less errand to run. Not everyone has Internet access, however, so you'll want to register at stores that are easily accessible. If your favorite store is located only in Los Angeles and many of your guests are flying in from Ohio, it may be difficult for them to shop using your gift registry of choice.

Keep in mind that guests are not obligated to shop using a gift registry. They may have a different gift in mind or plan on giving a nice check instead. There are even those who feel a gift registry is poor etiquette, that it's bad manners to request gifts. Just remember to receive all gifts graciously and send out thank you notes. Where the gift was purchased and the type of gift purchased is not what's important. It's the thought that counts.



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