How Effective Is Homeopathy for Toothache?

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There are many homeopathic remedies practitioners and enthusiasts report as effective for treating toothache pain. No one can be sure, however, of whether or not a treatment will work until he gives it a try. Among the most common homeopathy treatments a person might use for a toothache are clover oil and chamomilla. Some experts recommend the use of belladonna as well. Since it can be difficult to obtain proof that such remedies are effective, a person can opt to try them and then seek traditional pain relief if they do not help.

It is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of homeopathy for toothache pain. Many homeopathic practitioners assert that these treatments are very effective, and individuals who use them often report the same. Most of these remedies, however, have not been extensively studied through controlled scientific trials, which means ironclad proof of their effectiveness against toothache pain is often lacking. In light of this, a person might decide to give homeopathy a try to test its effectiveness for himself. If he tries a reasonable number of remedies and they do not work, he may then seek traditional pain relief.


Clove oil is often used in homeopathy for toothache pain. Derived from the clove plant, clove oil is said to have antibacterial properties as well as the ability to provide pain relief. People often use it for tooth pain by mixing it with cooking oil and applying it to the tissue around the tooth. Some even suggest placing a cotton ball soaked with this mixture in the mouth near the affected tooth to relieve the pain. Homeopathy experts assert that this will begin to relieve the pain after just a short time.

Chamomilla is another remedy used in homeopathy for toothache pain. This remedy is made from an herb called German chamomile. To prepare it for use as a medicine, people usually chop it or crush it and then mixed it with alcohol. People often obtain and use this remedy in oil or tablet form.

When a person wants to use homeopathy for toothache pain, he may also consider belladonna. This treatment is made from the perennial belladonna plant. The juice from the whole plant is used for treatment and is usually mixed with alcohol to dilute the amount of the extract used in homeopathic preparations. A person typically can find this treatment in tablet, ointment, and liquid form.

Using homeopathy for toothache pain isn't usually dangerous. Remedies are typically applied in amounts that cannot harm the body. Taking excessive amounts of some natural treatments can be dangerous, however. Additionally, a person may do well to seek a medical professional's advice prior to treating himself.



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