How do You Change Your Brain Function?

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There are various ways to change your brain function, both those that are done purposely and those which occur due to injury or illness to the brain’s tissue. Some studies have shown that certain vitamins and nutrients may change the way certain areas of the brain operate. For instance, eating high levels of omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to repair damaged portions of the brain which control emotions. Other ways to change your brain function is to do cognitive enhancing exercises. Negative ways to change your brain function may occur if you suffer from a stroke or blunt trauma to the head.

One of the easiest and most well-known ways to change your brain function is to do daily exercises designed to increase cognitive ability. Just with any other body part, the brain can be strengthened by frequent use. Doing word problems, mathematics, and writing can all help to increase brain function and prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Studies have also shown that doing these types of activities may even increase your intelligence quotient (IQ).


Another way to change your brain function is by taking certain supplements or eating foods rich in specific nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins. For example, studies have shown that eating high amounts of fatty fish or taking large doses of an omega-3 supplement have been beneficial for those suffering from depression. This is thought to be because the part of the brain which controls emotions is generally defective in depressed individuals, and fatty acids actually repair this portion of the brain so that it is able to function better. Some believe this is the reason people living in areas which consume large amounts of fish in their daily diet have much lower rates of depression and mental illness than in Western societies.

Sometimes it is possible to change your brain accidentally. Injury or illness, such as a stroke, may leave portions of the brain impaired and unable to function normally. When this occurs, it has been discovered that other areas of the brain are able to adapt and compensate for the damaged portion. An example of this occurs in those who lose their sight or hearing. When one sense no longer works properly, the other senses become heightened.

The brain can work much in the same way as the body's senses in other areas of cognitive function. As some areas are damaged or injured, other areas increase activity so that the organism can continue functioning. This is known as plasticity. The amount the brain is able to heal itself or maintain function using healthy areas depends on the illness or injury which caused the initial damage and how much of the brain was impacted.



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