How do I Write a Restaurant Management Job Description?

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When writing a restaurant management job description, you will first want to consider the way in which the job description will be published. For example, a written description for a newspaper will require more economy of words than an advertisement that can be posted online, where space is less limited. It is also important to include all of the requirements that an individual must have to be considered for the job, as well as items that are preferred. This will ideally help to weed out everyone, but the most qualified applicants, which can make the hiring process go a bit more smoothly.

It may be helpful to prepare before writing a restaurant management job description. You might do this by making a list of the requirements of the job, what tasks the restaurant manager will be expected to perform on a daily or weekly basis, and the specific work experience and personality traits that you want to find in a manager. Once you have these lists, you might begin to notice some common ideas or overlap, and can begin editing it down to the word limit, if necessary, or attempting to write it in a more easily readable list or paragraph. Being as complete as possible in a restaurant management job description is important to attract the right person.


Some of the most important qualities you might list in a restaurant management job description include leadership and prior management experience, as well as familiarity with different aspects of the restaurant industry. You will want someone who enjoys working with people and is capable of juggling multiple tasks at once, as well as someone who has the demonstrated ability to remain calm in stressful situations. Work experience or possibly even a business management degree might be required, based on the nature of your restaurant. You might also briefly describe the work environment and the expected hours, if necessary.

If you find that you publish the restaurant management job description and are not getting the types of applicants you want, it might be necessary to tweak it and do some rewrites until it reflects the job more accurately. Asking other employees for input might also be helpful. You don't absolutely need to use all of their suggestions, but it can help to point out some facets of the job that you perhaps haven't considered. In general, when publishing job listings such as the restaurant management job description online, it is best to include as much information and desired requirements as possible, because people have come to expect that from job websites.



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