How Do I Write a Network Administrator Cover Letter?

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Network administrators are professionals who maintain their companies’ systems for linking multiple computers together in an effort to make sure that information easily is shared among technology users. To write a network administrator cover letter, you have to provide an introduction of yourself and explain how your past work experiences will help you in your desired job position. The letter should additionally highlight your special industry skills, provide a request for an interview, and mention addendums to the correspondence that you plan to include.

The first step to writing an effective network administrator cover letter is to introduce who you are and why you are applying for your desired job. You should mention how you found out about the position, such as via an employee referral or through an online job posting, and briefly give background on your qualifications for the job. For example, you must explain that you are currently enrolled in a four-year bachelor’s degree program in information systems, which is a minimum requirement to enter the field. If you already have completed the educational requirements for the target position, you need to state this.


Your correspondence to a hiring manager has to provide detail about how your particular work experiences or educational skills will serve you well in your chosen employment role. In the body of your network administrator cover letter, you should explain how you have helped to keep past organizations’ computer networks operating efficiently. You need to emphasize any particular technical problems that you were able to troubleshoot and how this skill will be useful in the job position for which you are applying. The purpose of this part of your cover letter is to elaborate on a couple of the important items that you mentioned in your resume and to clearly prove to the company that you are qualified to help it to be successful.

A letter that you send to a human resource department at a potential place of employment in this career area must accentuate your special skills as well. For example, if you are detail-oriented and work well under deadline pressure, which are requirements of a professional in this industry, you need to stress this. Any certifications you have earned in the field through vendors of software products also should be highlighted in your network administrator cover letter.

At the end of your letter, you can request that the organization consider you for an interview as well as call attention to any documents that you are attaching. You should mention that you are very interested in the company’s opening and that you look forward to speaking with him or her further. The end part of your network administrator cover letter is a suitable location to list any extra documents that you wish to accompany the cover letter, such as a recommendation letter from a former information systems supervisor.



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