How do I Write a Hospitality Cover Letter?

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Begin the process of writing a hospitality cover letter by understanding what this type of document is for. Take time to determine what a particular employer is looking for and use your cover letter to address those concerns. Be specific about the position that you want, the skills that you have, and what you would like to happen after your letter is read.

Before you can begin to write your hospitality cover letter, you need to understand the purpose of this document. A cover letter serves as both an introduction and a request. You will tell your potential employer who you are and what you want. You will use the cover letter to try to motivate him to contact you for further consideration. If you have not written a lot of cover letters in the past, you may want to invest some time in becoming acquainted with these documents.

It is important to allow yourself adequate time to draft your hospitality cover letter. This document should be subjected to the same steps as any other type of good writing: planning, drafting, and revising. If you really want to get a certain job, you will not try to complete your cover letter 30 minutes before you submit it.


When drafting a hospitality cover letter, it is important to remember that you are seeking a position in a customer service–based industry, so you need to highlight social and communication skills. Begin your letter by specifically stating which position you are applying for or which department you are inquiring about. Do not send a letter that directly or indirectly says that you are looking for whatever job you can get. Try to maintain an active voice throughout the letter.

To write an effective hospitality cover letter, you need to have a good understanding of what the employer wants. You can determine this by carefully reading a job advertisement several times and by doing some research on the company's website. The About Us page is generally a good place to determine the characteristics that will appeal to an employer. Without copying verbatim, you can use some of an employer's own words to explain why you are the best candidate for the job.

For example, the employer's ad may say, “Looking for a cheerful associate to make activity recommendations to resort guests.” On the About Us page, you may find, “ABC Resorts has built a solid reputation of creating a unique experience for each guest.” From these statements, you can determine many characteristics that are required for the job. In your hospitality cover letter, you should let the employer know that you are friendly, attentive, and recognize the importance of making guests feel as if they are receiving personalized services. By doing this, you will address issues that you know are important to your potential employer.

In the last paragraph of your hospitality cover letter, make a polite request for the employer to take some action with regard to your application. You can ask that she kindly let you know that the application has been received, or you can ask that she contact you so that you two can have a more thorough discussion in person. Let her know, however, that you also plan to take action. You can do this by telling her when or how you will follow up.



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