How do I Use Makeup to Make my Eyes Pop?

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Makeup can be used to make certain features of the face stand out, or "pop." Makeup can be used to make one's eyes pop in a number of ways using a number of different cosmetics. The key cosmetics that can be used to make the eyes pop are eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and eyebrow pencil. False eyelashes can also be worn to highlight the eyes. Many makeup artists agree that if the eyes are to be highlighted, then color for the lips and cheeks should be understated so as not to overpower the face with cosmetics and featured areas. This principle does not stand for intense or dramatic makeup looks.

Eyeliner should be used primarily on the upper eyelids. Using liner on the lower lids can cause the eyes to look smaller, which does not aid in the process of making the eyes pop. The thickness of the eyeliner will depend on the desired look. However, eyeliner should usually be drawn in a line that gets gradually thicker towards the outer edges of the eyes. The liner may also extend slightly beyond the outer edges of the eyes to make the eyes look larger.


Mascara is a key tool in making the eyes pop. By darkening the fringe around the eyes and making it look thicker and longer, the eyes are featured in a more dramatic way. For natural looks, brown or black mascara can be used. For more dramatic looks, mascara in a variety of colors can be applied. Some people choose to use clear mascara for an ultra natural look. When using false eyelashes to make the eyes pop, mascara can be applied to both the natural lashes and the false lashes to make the two blend in together.

Eyeshadow can make the eyes pop with color and with shading. By adding eyeshadow, the natural color of the eyes can be featured and accented. Also, using light tones and pearlescent hues can help to feature the eyes, especially when these kinds of eyeshadows are applied to the brow bone — which is the area just beneath the arch of the eyebrow — at the outer edges of the eyes, and even in a light dusting underneath the eyes.

The final touch to make the eyes pop is the brows. Using a pencil or thick powder eyebrow cosmetic, the color and shape of the eyebrows can be deepened and defined. Some people prefer to have their eyebrows professionally tinted for just this purpose.



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