How do I Use CCTV for Home Security?

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A CCTV security system is a network of cameras, strategically placed around your home and property, which send signals to a specific location for both recording and viewing at any time. Many times the signals can be viewed or monitored at a remote location, which could prove to be more convenient for you depending on your daily schedule. Using a CCTV for home security is relatively simple for most users; once the system is installed, the video feed simply needs to be monitored or recorded for viewing later.

CCTV for home security and home video surveillance systems have become an effective method for concerned, protective home owners who may spend much of their time at work, school, or enjoying activities with family or friends feel at ease. Some systems may include a small number of analog cameras connected via cable or wireless transmitter to a timed switch, feeding each video signal to a television monitor in specific intervals. The next level CCTV for home security may include motorized analog or digital cameras that move, zoom in, and focus when activated by motion sensors on the property, allowing the viewer to get a wider, constant view. A more sophisticated configuration may consist of multiple cameras, motion sensors, recording capabilities, and multiple monitoring locations including the headquarters of local law enforcement. Each will allow you to view possible activity around your home and have a record if a crime has been committed at your home.


You may also be able to leverage the power of the Internet and its bandwidth to enhance CCTV for home security by using your PC or laptop as a primary monitoring system. Analog or wired systems usually are limited to a network of cable, video monitors, and recording equipment, while digital and wireless systems are capable of using a computer workstation to monitor the captured signal from anywhere that has an Internet connection. With this type of set up, you, family members, or others have the ability to monitor the system from work, school, or another location and view any part of your home or property via an Internet browser and a simple click of the computer's mouse.

Using CCTV for home security may seem daunting to the average homeowner, but with research and accurate information you should find a compatible security system that fits your needs perfectly and will benefit your family's overall safety and security. Once a system is installed, it will need to be monitored and maintained regularly. You'll need to make sure that cameras have a clear line of sight; cameras, monitors, and any recording equipment should also be checked regularly to make sure they are working as expected.



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