How do I Treat a Bladder Infection During Pregnancy?

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The chances of getting a bladder infection are higher during pregnancy than most other periods of a woman's life. While the condition is considered common, and can usually be managed without incident, delaying treatment can lead to complications that endanger both the mother and baby. One of the most direct methods of treating a bladder infection during pregnancy is taking antibiotics prescribed by an obstetrician. Some women prefer to treat the infection with more natural remedies, though, which may include vitamin C, cranberry juice, and various herbs. It is also often possible to cure the condition by following a certain diet and trading caffeinated drinks for lots of water.

Pregnant women are advised to see their doctor when they notice the symptoms of a bladder infection, which may include cloudy or bloody urine, pelvic discomfort, and pain during urination. Most doctors prescribe antibiotics, which are usually taken for a period of three to seven days, and should be finished even if the symptoms disappear. This type of treatment for bladder infection during pregnancy is deemed safe because its benefits outweigh the risks of an untreated infection, which could lead to a kidney infection or preterm labor. Just be sure that your doctor knows that you are pregnant, as this could affect which antibiotic he prescribes for you.


If you are uncomfortable with using medication during pregnancy, you can also try treating the infection using more natural methods. For example, vitamin C is known for making the urine too acidic for bacteria to survive, which means that it can help ensure that the infection gets eliminated through urination. Cranberry juice has similar benefits, though it should be unsweetened since bacteria is known to thrive on sugar. Echinacea, yarrow, and cornsilk are all herbs that can clear up a bladder infection during pregnancy, as well. Whichever method you chose, be sure to consult with your obstetrician, as she will want to retest you later to be sure that the infection is truly gone.

Finally, there are a few ways to treat a bladder infection during pregnancy without taking any pills, as dietary changes can make a difference. One of the most basic guidelines is to avoid foods that have yeast, and to try to eat more celery, watermelon, and yogurt. Another natural treatment is to drink plenty of water, as this tends to flush out the bacteria quickly. Caffeine should be avoided since it usually irritates the bladder, which is why it is best to replace caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee with water and unsweetened cranberry juice. It should be noted that you should avoid tight-fitting underwear, frequent baths, and sexual intercourse while you get treated for a bladder infection during pregnancy.



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