How do I Take a Practice CDL Test?

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Drivers interested in obtaining a CDL, short for commercial driver's license, can prepare for the test by taking practice CDL tests online. Taking these tests will help in several ways. They will show drivers what areas of information they need to study more on and give them a chance to retake the practice tests until they feel comfortable with them. Taking a practice test also takes away some of the anxiety about taking the real test. A driver may feel more confident about taking the actual CDL test after taking a practice CDL test and learning what to expect.

A commercial driver's license is required for any driver planning to operate a commercial vehicle weighing more than 26,000 pounds (11,794 kg). Typically, this includes vehicles such as tow trucks and tractor trailers. The operation of these vehicles will normally be for work purposes and only drivers trying to get a job in one of these fields will need to take and pass the CDL test.

Before taking the test, drivers should contact the testing center in their state and request or pick up a copy of the driver's handbook. The handbook includes all the information a driver needs to know for his earning his CDL. The driver should study the handbook thoroughly to prepare for the practice test.


Once the driver feels confident and ready, he can search the Internet for "CDL practice tests" or "CDL practice exams." Those taking the test should beware of sites asking for money. Many sites offer the practice CDL test for free, and drivers should not pay anything to take it. The sites divide the test into sections dealing with specific knowledge such as “air brakes” or “hazardous materials.” A general knowledge test is also available.

The driver should take a general test to begin with and see which areas he has trouble on. He can then review the information in his driver's handbook or choose to take a practice CDL test dealing with the specific area he did poorly on. After reviewing the material, he should take the practice CDL test again or take a similar test from a different website. Using a different site allows him to review the material while receiving new questions to ensure he isn't just memorizing the answers to one particular practice CDL test.

For best results from the practice test, the driver should write down sections he has trouble with and take notes by hand on those sections. Writing down and reviewing the notes can help him remember and recall the information more easily than simply reading it in a book. He can also ask a friend or family member to quiz him by creating practice questions from material in the driver's handbook.



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