How do I Study Welding Technology?

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Welding technology is a broad term used to describe the tools and methodologies of welding. Welding is the process of connecting two metal objects together permanently, in a way that strengthens the structure. This skilled trade is used in the construction industry, as well as manufacturing and structural repairs. There are four ways to study welding technology: formal post-secondary training, independent learning, practice, and on-the-job.

There are short, post-secondary education programs on welding technology available from a range of community and career colleges. The length of the program varies widely, but they are typically no more than one year in length. During the program, instructors provide hands-on training on the safe way to use different welding technology.

Included in this type of program is an introduction to the entire range of welding technology, and instruction on how to decide which one to use. The selection of the tool has an impact on the final appearance, the strength of the weld, and the longevity. This information is very important, as the repair of a weak weld can be very complex once the project is finished.

The skills required to use welding include upper body strength, mobility, an eye for detail, and steady hands. People who are afraid of fire or don't like to work in a hot environment will not enjoy welding. Many artists use welding to create large structures or to add a different element to a sculpture.


People who have mechanical aptitude and an interest in welding often teach themselves. Using instruction books available at any library or bookstore, he or she can learn about the different welding technology and how to use it. Some welding equipment cannot be purchased at a consumer level, as it is intended only for use in an industrial setting. However, there is a wide range of consumer welding technologies available that should meet most needs.

Practicing with different welding methods is a great way to learn. Always think about safety first, and don't experiment without letting someone else know what you are going to do. The risk of injury is quite low, provided all the proper safety equipment is used.

Working as a welder or on a construction site may provide an opportunity to be trained in welding technology. There may be formal classes or it may just be individual instruction from a certified welder. Talk with your supervisor and explore the options available to learn more about welding technology.



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