How do I Stop Craving Sugar?

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It is possible to approach the problem of craving sugar from several different perspectives. Some people have success by simply getting rid of any source of sugar until they become accustomed to its absence. Others do better when they find a way to replace sugar in their diets. Sometimes, this is done through artificial flavorings or, in other cases, people might rely on healthy foods that offer a bit of sugar flavor without as much nutritional baggage. There are also various behavioral tricks that people use to distract themselves from sugar.

Scientists aren’t really sure if craving sugar can be defined as a real physical addiction in the same way as some other dependencies. It is true that the body does crave carbohydrates as a source of fuel, and sugars can be a very effective source of these nutrients. Some experts think that craving sugar happens because of chemicals in the brain that are stimulated by the presence of sugar in the blood stream. In theory, people may actually become dependent on the positive feelings these brain chemicals generate and come to associate sugar with those feelings.


One of the most popular methods of dealing with craving sugar is to find something sweet that isn’t quite so unhealthy. For example, some people might decide to simple eat a peach or a cup full of grapes and nuts. Others may try eating their sweets along with a meal so that sugar doesn't take up too much of their daily nutritional percentages.

For some folks, cravings are much easier to deal with when the sweets simply aren’t an option. For example, if a person is required to get out and drive to town to buy some sweets as opposed to simply walking to the refrigerator, that can often make sugar much easier to resist. This option can be too severe for some people in the beginning, but others do very well after a short period of adjustment.

Dealing with the problem of craving sugar for some people can be more about learning to control the mind. For example, these individuals might choose to go jogging when they feel a sugar craving coming on, or they might try to find something interesting that will distract their minds for a bit. This strategy can work well by itself for some, while others may use it as part of an overall strategy to defeat sugar craving.



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