How Do I Start a Woodworking Business?

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A simple hobby making wood crafts could lead to a career that lasts a lifetime. To start a woodworking business, prepare marketing material ahead of time. Clients may be reluctant to hire someone new or just may not fully comprehend the potential that wood furniture and other enhancements can have on a home. Building a photo gallery, video, or a warehouse where woodworking can be displayed can help when launching a company.

Be prepared to make a capital investment in your woodworking business to begin. You will need to invest not only in woodworking supplies and tools but also your brand. Develop pamphlets or fliers to let residences and businesses know that you are available for work. Word-of-mouth referrals are a respectable way to attract customers, and there may be some type of referral service available in your town.

If you don't already own a truck, you may need to invest in one in order to transport items for your woodworking business. Applying a logo and contact information to the body of the vehicle or the doors will capture attention. As your business grows, you may need more than one truck.

Hire an accountant for support on the financial end of your business. There may be some tax requirements in the region in which you live that a financial professional can alert you to. Also, this may help with the bookkeeping end of the business that is required on a daily basis.


Find a specialty or a niche within your skill sets, and focus on that product in your woodworking business. Whether you design cabinets, make decorative items, or office furniture, having a specialty will appeal to certain types of customers. Once you have established a client base, you can begin expanding your marketing material.

Consider creating a brick-and-mortar store close to where a wood workshop may be located. Customers might appreciate buying unique items that cannot be found at mainstream shops. Also, the added character of the woodworker in or near the shop is a novelty that can lead to future sales.

Use all available resources to market the woodworking business, including the Internet. Online marketing can be effective if used in the right way. Advertise on websites that are likely to attract people to your business. Consider creating an online store where customers can make purchases after viewing picture galleries or videos with your work.



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