How Do I Start a Window Cleaning Business?

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In order to start a window cleaning business, one must research any regulations that pertain to small businesses. After obtaining any appropriate licenses and registered with any relevant offices, the next step is to start marketing the business. Obtaining clients is usually the hardest part when trying to start a window cleaning business, but learning appropriate streak-free window cleaning techniques can be difficult as well. Once the business is up and running, one's goal should be to bring in as many clients as the business can handle and keep existing clients happy. This will firmly establish the business and may potentially allow the business to grow.

When an individual sets out to start a window cleaning business, very few supplies are needed. Tools to clean windows and window cleaning fluid are usually the only necessary tools. On the business side, a way to keep track of money, business cards, and a way to print receipts can all be useful. Most people find it possible to work from home since customer interaction occurs at the place where windows are washed. In any case, it is best to start this type of business on a shoestring budget and to initially avoid hiring employees or complicating the business.


Before a person can start a window cleaning business, he or she may need to contact a variety of organizations. Sometimes it is necessary to register a business of this type or obtain permits to operate. Even though this type of business is usually very small, running a business without adhering to the law precisely is dangerous. A little research into the laws governing small businesses in the area where the business will be run can save a lot of trouble later on.

Once the business is in order and all appropriate legal considerations have been observed, the next step is to run the business. The first step to running any business is finding people who will use the business. When attempting to start a window cleaning business, it is often best to go out and visit sites that may be interested in hiring a person to clean windows. Businesses, homes, and other buildings may all hire window cleaners, but it is important to make sure that if one is directly offering to clean a building’s windows, one will be able to safely deliver this service. Buildings with extremely high windows may not be appropriate for a fledgling window cleaning business without a lot of equipment.

Customers should be the primary concern when starting a window cleaning business until the business has enough profits to keep running even if a few clients are lost. This may mean offering lower rates as an introductory measure or offering to undercut any competitors in the area if this will not involve losing an unsustainable amount of money. Once a solid stream of income has been established, it then becomes possible to be pickier with clients and perhaps even expand the business.



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