How Do I Start a Maid Service Business?

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Starting a maid service business can be a challenging prospect; but, organizing a possible customer base, choosing equipment, and obtaining insurance are just a few considerations that can eventually lead to a lucrative career. Networking and advertising are also needed to bring in clientele. In addition, researching local maid service rates will help you stay competitive in this growing business niche.

One of the first decisions you need to make when starting a maid service business is choosing the targeted customer base. You do not need to choose the extremely wealthy families in large mansions as potential customers; instead, working middle class customers are a possible customer base. These family structures normally have children with two working parents. As a result, the home may need a cleaning service since the parents are not often home to do the work needed.

Most experts agree that starting a maid service business with commercial or business clients is too complicated and expensive initially. You would need to compete with established companies in a bidding process to obtain the commercial client. As a start-up business, you should seek out residential customers in the beginning to establish your business.


As you organize your new maid service business, you need to decide if you will bring the cleaning supplies to each client or if you will use the client's personal supplies. If your business cannot afford a vehicle in the beginning, it may be necessary to use the client's supplies so that you are not carrying many items on public transportation. In contrast, a start-up maid service business that can afford a small vehicle has the chance to bring specifically-chosen supplies for the best cleaning process and results.

A best practice in any business is to have insurance. If you break an item during a cleaning job, such as a lamp, the insurance will cover the damage. Covering the damage by paying with cash can cut into your overall profit; it is seen as highly professional if you have insurance so that the client feels more comfortable during the cleaning process.

You should talk to friends and relatives about your new maid service business to generate a larger base of clients. Advertising flyers posted at supermarkets and other retail stores can produce new clients as well. Even Internet social networking can attract new clients.

Regional cleaning rates should be researched and determined before the first client is serviced. Pricing should be competitive with other local businesses, but you should not undercut the competition. Although lower prices might help a new business to build a larger client base, over time, this below-market pricing may lower all regional businesses' rates, making it challenging for any maid service business to turn a profit.



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Post 2

I have a friend who has a carpet cleaning business. He had owned the business for a long time when he decided to branch out and include maid/cleaning services for some of his clients.

The reason he added the cleaning side to the business is that many of his larger customers are office building owners or managers and the clients have a tough time keeping good and dependable workers to do the nightly cleaning.

Post 1

There is a vacation area where we spend time in the summer that attracts tourists and vacationers who rent cabins and houses weekly. In this area, there is a large market for maids to clean the cabins and houses when one group of guests check out.

An environment such as this is a good place to start a maid service since the rental companies do not have staffs of maids and must depend on independent contractors to get the properties cleaned and ready to go in the short time between when guests check out and another group arrives to checks in.

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