How Do I Start a Computer Repair Business?

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There are a number of different ways in which you can start a computer repair business, though you should make sure you have the education and professional background to support your endeavor. This means you should have training and experience in various aspects of computer science, and then ensure you market your skills effectively so people understand how you can help them. You might also consider a particular niche for your services, or other ways to separate yourself from competitors. Depending on where you live, you should also make sure you acquire any licenses and fulfill any other legal requirements necessary.

Before you start a computer repair business of your own, you should typically ensure you are qualified to handle computer repairs. Unless you plan on employing other people to perform the actual repairs, you should have a background in computer science and repair. The greater the educational and professional background you have, the more you can use your work to promote your new computer repair business.


Starting any new business can be difficult, but the more experience you have in computer repair, the easier it may be for you to start a computer repair business. This is a practical consideration as well, since you need to actually be able to repair people’s computers and provide a worthwhile service for your customers. Since you are starting a new business, people may be more likely to trust you with their computers if you can illustrate your educational and professional experience working with computers.

As you start a computer repair business, you might also consider ways you can set yourself apart from competitors. If you have a particular area of computer science you have specialized in, such as network systems or security, then you might showcase that specialization. Similarly, you might consider other ways to bring attention to your business such as providing in-home computer repair for customers or inexpensive installation and updating of software for customers who do not need repair. Any secondary services you can think of such as these can help set you apart from competitors and provide more revenue opportunities for your new business.

You should also consider a number of practical requirements you may need to meet before you start a computer repair business. This means you should come up with a name for your business that sets you apart from other companies, and consider if you want to run a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or some form of corporation. You should open a bank account specifically for your business, to keep your professional and personal expenses and finances separate. Also, you may need to apply for licenses or other government permissions to start a computer repair business in your area.



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