How do I Start a Bail Bonds Business?

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A bail bonds business helps people to get out of jail on bail. For a fee, this type of business guarantees that an accused person will show up for his court date and helps him get out of jail while he awaits his trial. In most cases, a person who wants to start a bail bonds business will have to seek training and secure a bail bonds license. He may also need a business license.

The requirements for running a bail bonds business may vary from place to place. As such, a person interested in starting this business should research and confirm the requirements in his particular jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions may have stricter requirements for bail bonds licensing than others. There are even some jurisdictions in which commercial bail bonding is illegal.

A person who wants to start a bail bonds business will usually benefit from related education or training. For example, some start this type of business after earning degrees in law enforcement or criminal justice. Some may even start this business after working in a law enforcement or criminal justice job. Gaining this type of education or experience may help a person better understand how the criminal court system works. Taking psychology courses, especially criminal psychology courses, and business management classes may prove helpful as well.


Many jurisdictions require aspiring bail bondsman to take jurisdiction-approved training classes before seeking licensing. These classes are sometimes referred to as pre-licensing classes. Regardless of whether or not training classes are required, a person may do well to work for a bail bonding company before striking out on his own. Even taking on a clerical position with an established bail bondsman may give him valuable insight into the operation of this type of business.

A person who wants to open a bail bonds business may learn the requirements for securing a bail bonds license by checking his jurisdiction's website or by calling his local government office. He may have to provide proof of training and pay a fee for licensing, and he may also have to submit to a background check. Before his licensing is finalized, he may have to be bonded and insured as well. Finally, a person who wants to start a bail bonds business may also need to obtain a business license from his local jurisdiction, which gives him the right to run a business in his area.



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