How do I Score Well on the Quantitative GMAT&Reg;?

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The quantitative portion of the General Management Admissions Test (GMAT®) is designed to gauge a person’s ability to solve math-related problems. There are several steps that can be taken to score well on the quantitative GMAT®. Test preparation programs may be freely obtained from the official GMAT® website. Comprehensive, official guides are also available for purchase at this website. The Admissions Consultants website also offers free study materials related to the quantitative GMAT®.

Many business schools consider the GMAT® an indicator of a student’s future success at the graduate level. Applicants may increase their chances of admission into graduate business schools by scoring well on this test. The quantitative portion of this test measures a student’s ability to solve math-related problems. Several different resources are available to help applicants score well on the quantitative GMAT®.

The GMAT® maintains a website where students can access a number of different test-preparation materials. These materials are available in the form of computer software programs that may be downloaded for personal use. Registration is required before downloading the software. Both free and paid materials can be obtained from the GMAT® website.


The free GMAT® test-preparation software contains a comprehensive math review section. This section should be studied in-depth until a good understanding of the core knowledge has been gained. After studying the materials, take several practice tests to determine any problem areas that may exist. The quantitative GMAT® has a 75-minute limit, so it is best to practice completing the test within this time period. This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments to your overall test-taking speed.

There are also official guides available for purchase from the GMAT® website. The official GMAT® review guide contains comprehensive reviews and questions for each portion of the test and includes a special quantitative diagnostic exam. A separate, GMAT® quantitative review guide is also available for purchase from this website. This official guide contains hundreds of questions and answers pertaining specifically to the quantitative portion of the GMAT®. The quantitative review guide covers areas such as algebra, arithmetic, and word problems.

A company known as Admissions Consultants also maintains a website with several pages of quantitative GMAT® study materials. These materials can be accessed free of charge and no registration is required. The study materials include sections to improve problem-solving skills as well as strategies for test taking. A separate section provides practice questions and tips for improving data-sufficiency skills. A careful study of this material may help you to score well on the quantitative GMAT® by improving your overall test-taking abilities.



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