How Do I Score Well on GMAT® Reading Comprehension?

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As with most tests, getting a lot of practice for the GMAT® reading comprehension test will likely improve your chances of scoring well. As part of your preparation, you can read more on your own and attempt to increase your reading speed without sacrificing your comprehension ability. You might also find study guides, practice tests, and even preparatory courses helpful. Practicing with reading material that is about the same length as test passages may prove helpful as well. Additionally, taking timed practice tests may help you evaluate your readiness to take the exam.

One of the most important tips for scoring well on the GMAT® reading comprehension exam is to get plenty of practice. Even if you feel that your reading comprehension abilities are good, they may not prove good enough to translate into the high score for which you are hoping. As such, you will likely do well to use GMAT® study guides and practice tests to prepare well. You may also find it helpful to enroll in an exam preparation course, which you usually can find in either an online or a classroom setting.


As you practice to get a high score on the GMAT® reading comprehension test, you may find it helpful to work on reading at a faster-than-normal pace. To do well on this exam, you will probably need to read faster and with more understanding than you would when you relax on your couch on a weekend afternoon. While you don't have to become a speed reader, you will probably benefit from learning how to read passages faster without sacrificing your ability to digest important information. Additionally, while you are working to increase your reading speed, you may also do well to make an attempt at improving your focus, as this will likely affect your test-taking success as well.

You might also improve your test-taking abilities if you concentrate on reading the types of passages that you'll find on the GMAT® reading comprehension exam. For example, you may do well to search for reading passages that are between 300 and 400 words long and use them for practice. Additionally, you will likely benefit from choosing practice reading material that covers a variety of topics, such as history, science, art, and economics. You can typically find such articles in newspapers as well as in GMAT® reading comprehension practice guides.

Taking timed GMAT® reading comprehension practice exams can also help you score well. In such practice situations, you not only benefit from getting a feel for the content on the test, but also from learning whether or not you are ready to answer a high number of test questions correctly within the time constraints. If you are not finishing the test within the allotted time, you may need more practice to improve your reading speed and comprehension ability.



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