How do I Save Money on Energy?

The best ways to save money on energy are to conserve electricity by only using what you need, use less by purchasing efficient appliances, and take advantage of lower nighttime and evening rates. Another potential way to save is to install a solar power system, which may allow you to sell energy back to the utility. By combining all of these various methods, it is often possible to realize a significant energy savings over time.

One of the easiest methods to save money on energy is conservation, since you typically pay only for electricity that you actually consume. One major use of electricity in many homes is lighting. If you leave a light on in a room that nobody is occupying, electricity will be consumed without serving any useful purpose. Turning lights off as you leave a room is a relatively simple way to save.

This is also true for heating, which is often the largest electricity related expense in colder months. Homes with forced air or hydronic heating can typically shut off the air or water flow to unused rooms, which can result in a large energy savings. Other electronics like televisions, radios, and computers can also be shut off when not in use to provide a smaller savings.


Another way to save money on energy is to purchase energy efficient appliances. Large appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines often use a lot of electricity over the course of a year. When purchasing a new appliance, you can typically find information regarding energy consumption displayed prominently on the device or associated literature. The energy consumption will typically be listed, along with the amount of money you might expect to save when compared to less efficient appliances. Very efficient devices are sometimes more expensive, though they will often save you money in the long run.

Many areas provide different energy rates that can allow you to save each day. Peak rates are typically offered during daylight hours, and energy is often less expensive at night. One way to save money on energy is to wait to wash dishes or clean clothes until the less expensive rate is available.

Installing an alternate power source in your home or business is another way to potentially save money on energy. This is often a significant initial investment, though it can save you money and often even turn a profit after enough time has passed. Many utility companies allow you to essentially sell electricity back to them if your system is generating more power than you consume. This can not only let you save money on energy, but actually make money.



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