How Do I Rent a Rotisserie?

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You can rent a rotisserie for your barbeque from a local rental store in most locations. You will be required to know when you want to pick up the rotisserie, how long you will need it and when you will be returning it to the store. In some cases, you can also purchase a pig carcass when you rent a rotisserie. In most cases, you will be required to show your driver's license and put a small security deposit down in order to rent a rotisserie. You also must have a truck suitable to tow the grill away or be willing to pay a delivery charge.

When planning to host a large cookout or barbecue, you may want to rent a rotisserie to make the task of preparing a large main dish a little easier. Many tool and equipment rental businesses rent this type of equipment on a regular basis. You might want to reserve the equipment as soon as you can since this type of equipment is usually a one-of-a-kind item and is reserved often. You might be required to place a down payment in order to rent a rotisserie.

If you have decided to roast an entire hog on the grill, you may get your best deal on a prepared pig at the rental store. The rental agents often work with a local pork producer to offer a fully cleaned and prepared pig with the rental of a rotisserie. This deal is occasionally offered with chickens as well and makes asking the rental agent about the meat a worthwhile endeavor. Most of the time, when you rent a rotisserie, it will be a gas-fired unit. You will want to make sure the liquid propane (LP) tanks are full and you may also want to inquire about the typical cooking time offered with fresh tanks.

Depending on the location of your cookout, you may need to obtain a permit for the large cooking appliance. Some local governments have ordinances covering a large cooker, due in part to the smoke and smell that typically accompany this type of equipment. You should also remove the tow vehicle from the area when you rent a rotisserie to prevent burns to the vehicle while cooking. One tip for cleaning the large cooking appliance is to pull the unit into a car wash and use the soak cycle on the baked-in grease followed by a typical wash and rinse cycle, making sure to skip the wax cycle.



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