How do I Remodel a Bathroom?

Many homeowners make a decision to remodel the bathroom at some point. Sometimes the remodeling job is mainly cosmetic, while other projects involve a complete overhaul of the look and function of the space. No matter how large or small your bathroom remodeling project happens to be, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, never begin any home remodeling project without having a clear vision of how the space will look and function after the job is completed. This means preparing a detailed list of every change that will be made. Selecting tiles, fixtures and other elements in advance allows you to determine how much you will need to remake the space. At the same time, you will also be able to identify any electrical or plumbing jobs associated with the remodeling and plan to have tasks completed at the right point in the project. When you remodel a bathroom, completing tasks in the proper order is very important.


Establishing a time schedule for the bathroom remodel job is also very important. This involves dividing the project into specific phases or tasks and arranging them in a logical order of procession. When you remodel a bathroom, you are really engaging on a journey that will involve the completion of a number of tasks. By walking yourself through the process and setting up a schedule, it is possible to prevent performing one task that will make a later task more difficult. You can also assign approximate amounts of time for each task in the sequence and thus have a good idea of how long it will take to remodel the space.

Another tip is to always allow a little extra time for each phase of the project. No matter how well you plan to remodel a bathroom, something is going to take longer than projected, or some unforeseen complication will arise. Rather than allowing this to frustrate and possibly derail the job, assume something could happen and allow time to address the problem. Not only will you be prepared for the unexpected, but you will also feel good about completing a phase of the remodeling project ahead of your schedule when nothing untoward takes place.

Along with having a solid plan of action, there is also the need to secure the materials needed in advance. It does not work well to stop in the middle of a project and run to the local home supply store for the next item you need. Purchasing all your materials and having them stored in the garage or other nearby location ensures that you can move quickly from one phase of the project to the next without delays.

Interestingly enough, far too many homeowners embarking on a project to remodel a bathroom forget one of the simplest but most important steps in the process: shutting off the water to the bathroom. While this often comes to mind just as the time to remove the toilet or bathtub arrives, it is really a good idea to do this before any actual work begins. Take the time to identify where the valves to shut off the water supply are located, and make sure they are functioning properly. This simple step could save a lot of time and frustration, especially if the valves are in need of repair before the water supply to the bathroom can be cut off.

A final point to keep in mind if you want to remodel a bathroom is to never be too proud to ask for help. Accept the fact that laying tile may not be your strong point, or that grouting a tub may be beyond your expertise. By all means do what you can, but never hesitate to call in professionals when needed. In the long run, this will save you a lot of time, frustration, and money.



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