How do I Raise Breast Cancer Awareness?

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Your efforts to promote breast cancer awareness should begin with the people closest to you. Sharing personal experiences can be very effective in captivating the attention of others. Make information available at work and encourage your employer to sponsor activities during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Also give gifts that remind people of the issue.

If you want to raise breast cancer awareness, you should start by getting informed and then informing your family and the individuals closest to you. These people are likely to listen to what you have to say. Once your family and friends are informed, they can spread the word among people they know. The more people who are knowledgeable about the disease, the more progress that can be made in sharing information about it.

People often have difficulty relating to the reality of conditions such as this because they do not have any firsthand experience with them. The lack of education on the topic and the lack of personal experience often accommodate the persistence of stereotypes about risk groups. To change this, share any personal experiences that you may have. If you or someone you know has or had the disease, realize that you can have a significant impact on breast cancer awareness when you are are willing to talk openly on a personal level.


If you have the ability to do so, post information at work. Many organizations will provide informational materials free of charge, including pamphlets and posters. You can place these in bathrooms, break areas, or the human resources department. Do not forget to place information where it is also accessible to men. Too often men are excluded from the efforts to promote breast cancer awareness.

Also encourage your employer to be proactive during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Larger employers have more reason to oblige because there is an increased likelihood that some staff members will be affected by the disease. To help increase the possibility of your employer acting on your request, include suggestions for how this can be done.

Support other awareness efforts. You can do this by donating funds and material resources to organizations that are active on the issue. Do not forget that you may have skills that can benefit these organizations, such as writing or public speaking. Furthermore, if there are breast cancer awareness events, you should attend and invite others to attend.

There is a wide range of breast cancer awareness items that you can buy, such as key rings, coffee mugs, and apparel. Displaying these on a regular basis will help to keep the issue on the minds of individuals around you. You can also have an impact if you make it a habit of giving these types of items as gifts.



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