How Do I Pursue a Health Promotion Career?

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A career in health promotion usually involves educating people on health-related matters and helping them achieve better health. Many jobs in this field require a bachelor's degree in a major such as health promotion or education. A master's degree, on the other hand, is often required for management positions in health promotion. Most jobs do require degrees, but you may find some nursing homes or community organizations willing to hire you with only a high school diploma, especially if you have taken some college health courses.

Bachelor's level education is often required when you want to pursue a health promotion career. Each employer will have his own preferences, but many prefer to hire individuals who have bachelor's degrees in majors such as health promotion or health education. Courses in a health promotion bachelor degree program may cover such subjects as weight management, nutrition, injury prevention, and exercise. You might also study such subjects as first aid, wellness, psychology, and stress management as you work toward a health promotion career.

You can also pursue a degree in health education when you want to begin a health promotion career. This type of program may be similar to a health promotion major but typically will place more emphasis on teaching strategies and methods. You can find some programs that combine health promotion and education into one degree program as well. A combination program may be particularly helpful for beginning a career in this field.


While bachelor's degrees are appropriate for many jobs in health promotion, there are some employees who prefer to hire individuals with master's degrees in health promotion or education. This may prove particularly true of positions at a management level. An employer may also prove willing to hire you for a management position if you hold a master's degree in a related subject. For example, a master's degree in public health or community health may help you land a management position.

Though many employers will require you to have a degree to pursue a health promotion career, you may find some opportunities you can secure with less education. For example, nursing homes sometimes hire individuals who have only high school diplomas for health promotion jobs. Some community organizations may be willing to hire individuals with only high school educations as well. In such a case, you can make yourself a more competitive candidate by taking at least a few college courses in health-related subjects.



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