How Do I Prevent a Mycoplasma Infection?

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Preventing a mycoplasma infection is not always easy, but there are certain steps a person can take to try and avoid one. Infection typically occurs when a person is in close, ongoing contact with one or many people who have the disease, so if at all possible those situations should be avoided. Common sense steps that can be used to prevent the spread of any disease, like hand washing and cleaning surfaces exposed to the mycoplasma pneumoniae organism, may help. Staying healthy to keep your immune system strong can also make infection less likely. For those who already have been infected, their bodies can develop an immunity to the disease, making another infection less likely.

One of the best ways to avoid a mycoplasma infection is to stay away from people who already have it. This can be difficult, as infection can occur days or even weeks before symptoms appear. If a person is showing obvious symptoms or has been diagnosed, however, healthy people should do their best to steer clear. This may involve keeping the sick person isolated, or in cases of larger outbreaks, staying away from locations where large groups are in close contact.


Another method of mycoplasma infection prevention is taking steps to stop the organism that causes it from spreading. Infected people should be encouraged to cover their mouths and noses when they sneeze or cough, as droplets spread in this manner are the most common means of transmission. Hand washing is also critical, as people may touch many exposed surfaces through the course of the day and then touch their faces, spreading the disease. If a person is known to be ill, it can also help to periodically disinfect any surfaces or objects they have handled.

Maintaining overall health may also help prevent mycoplasma infection. Though there is no guarantee that you may not get infected if exposed anyway, having a healthy body and immune system gives you a better chance of being able to fight off the disease. Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and taking a multivitamin are all steps a person can take to stay healthy.

Though it is likely not the preferred method, having a mycoplasma infection once can help a person avoid subsequent episodes. The body often develops an immunity to mycoplasma pneumoniae after an initial infection, which will fight off later exposures. This effect does not last forever, though, so another bout of the disease may be possible, though it is often milder than the first.



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