How do I Prepare for the Police Officer Test?

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Choosing to go into police work is a noble choice. However, many may at first be scared of the initial exam, which helps determines who is qualified or not. These qualifications may mean the difference between a career in law enforcement or not. Fortunately for the applicant, the police officer test is not a completely unknown factor.

There are two main parts of a police officer test. The first is the written or oral exam. The second part is the agility test, which measures a number of physical traits of the applicant. Preparing for each is important. If successful, the test often leads to a spot at the next police officer academy. In some cases, it may lead to an immediate hire.

The purpose of the police officer test, at least the written form, is not only to assess aptitude for the type of work being done, but also to assess the sense used in certain situations. However, simply because part of the test is aptitude, many applicants may choose to go into the situation without any preparation. While it still may be possible to "pass" the test in such a situation, remember that you may be competing against others. Therefore, any applicant taking the test needs to make himself or herself as attractive as possible. This means achieving the highest possible score.


There are a number of books that help in this regard. Test preparation books are popular for a many different types of tests and the police officer test is no exception. These books help by giving good tips that will help with any examination. Further, they will give practice police tests and situations to help the applicant hone his or her skills for police work. Finding these books for less than $20 US Dollars (USD) is not very hard to do.

One of the best sources in helping with the police officer test is other officers. If you know any, ask them what they think and what you need to be aware of before you take the test. Often, police officers are happy to talk about the different aspects of their jobs, including how they got started in the line of work.

The agility test will not only measure strength, but endurance as well. The requirements for the police officer test in agility will differ slightly depending on two major factors: the applicant's age and gender. Most police departments will be happy to share with you the benchmarks they are looking for in those two areas. For example, some may want an applicant to do ten pull-ups and run two miles in less than 18 minutes. Other factors may also be considered, such as eyesight and hearing.



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Making flashcards might also be helpful when studying to prepare for the police officer test. You could also create your own test using the material in the test preparation manuals. Sometimes just taking notes while you are reading will help you remember what you are studying.

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