How Do I Prepare for an Earth Science Exam?

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Preparation for an Earth science exam relies a great deal upon understanding what knowledge is expected of you by your instructor. If the test covers a specific subject within Earth sciences, such as geology, it is important to focus on the information that is likely to be on it. More general exams are likely to cover a great deal of information and may require more study. Use any notes you have taken in class, as long as they are thorough and accurate, and consider re-reading any sections of text that have been covered during the unit included on the earth science exam.

Much like any other type of test, to properly get ready for an Earth science exam, study and review the information that is likely to be on it. Determining exactly what is going to be asked of you on the test, however, may be difficult. It is usually easiest if the class or unit that you are in covered one particular subject within the larger field of Earth science. If you spent the last three weeks before a test learning about meteorology and climate patterns, for example, then expect much or all of the Earth science exam to cover this subject.


It can be more difficult to effectively prepare for an Earth science exam if you cannot determine the specific subject to focus on. For example, if you are approaching the end of a semester or school year, then the final test may include everything you have learned over that time. This means your focus should be more broad than deep, as you need to be able to answer questions about more subjects.

If you have taken extensive notes, go back over them and review what has been taught in class. As you look through them, try to find information that seems likely to appear on an Earth science exam. This can be difficult, but if you have previous tests from your instructor, use these to see what he or she has asked before. By seeing what kinds of questions and information your instructor has quizzed you on in the past, you may be better prepared for the upcoming test.

You can also review information in your textbook to see what was covered over the last unit or semester. As you read the pages again, look for bold text, bullet points, and other sections that are emphasized. While it is not guaranteed that this information is on an Earth science exam, it does indicate importance and something that you should know. In the days leading up to the test, ask your instructor about the kinds of questions you can expect on the exam and the format in which it will be presented.



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