How do I Prepare for a Medical School Interview?

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Preparing for a medical school interview typically involves making sure you will look your best, appear confident, and provide answers that enhance your appeal as a medical school admissions candidate. For example, you may do well to choose a conservative outfit for your interview and make sure your shoes are clean and polished. You may also benefit from spending some time thinking about how you will answer interview questions and even practicing your answers a bit. Additionally, you may find it beneficial to get plenty of sleep and eat well as you prepare for an interview.

Many experts recommend dressing like a physician before you actually become one. While doctors may wear all types of clothing, you may do well to prepare for a medical school interview by dressing as you imagine a doctor would when not on duty. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit, but your clothing should usually be conservative and feature darker or softer colors versus those that are bright and striking. If you are a woman, makeup and jewelry should usually be subtle. No matter which gender you are, you should typically opt for shoes that are clean and polished, though they don’t have to be new.


In preparation, for a medical school interview, you may also prepare by thinking about and practicing your answers to common medical school interview questions. For example, you may be asked such questions as why you want to be a doctor and why you think you would be a good doctor. You may also be asked what your other career choices are if you do not gain acceptance to medical school. An interviewer may also ask questions about how you deal with stress and fierce competition as well as what your hobbies are.

You may also prepare for a medical school interview by considering your answers to questions about why you want to attend the interviewer’s school in particular. The interviewer may ask what appeals to you about the school and what you hope to get out of attending its medical program, besides a medical degree. For example, the interviewer may want to know if you hope to participate in groups and activities and which ones. It is usually best to show an interest in extracurricular activities, as most schools prefer to admit students who are well-rounded.

While you may find it beneficial to practice the answers to common medical school interview questions, it is usually best to avoid practicing them too much. This is due to the fact that practicing too much could cause your answers to seem rehearsed. Instead, you may do well to practice them a couple of times and then trust yourself to answer well and honestly.

Finally, it is important to get enough rest and eat well before a medical school interview. If you are sleep deprived, you are unlikely to do as well with the interview or cope as well with the stress of it. Likewise, failing to eat nutritious meals leading up to the interview could cause changes in blood sugar that leave you lightheaded and less likely to appear confident and prepared.



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Good article. It presented a nice overview. I totally agree with the part about "why" are you interviewing at a specific school. This one is common.

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