How do I Post a Job Listing?

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Posting a job listing offline or online need not be difficult, but you do need to keep several things in mind. First, be sure to follow the law and be non-discriminatory in all parts of your job ad. Second, clearly describe the job and the requirements needed by successful candidates. Keep in mind that the less specific your information about the job, the more unqualified replies you'll have to read and rule out.

To avoid wasting your time as well as that of the applicants, mention the job title, main duties, hours, salary, location, and all the needed qualifications for the position in your job listing. This way, job applicants that are looking for higher wages, different hours or a different location are already weeded out. You may still receive replies from unqualified applicants, but the number is sure to be a lot less than if you left out any mention of salary, hours, location and duties in your job ad.

While there may not always be room to include a detailed description of duties in a job listing, the main responsibilities the successful candidate is expected to do should be listed. You should specify which duties require experience, training or education and which ones do not. The more reasonable your expectations are in the type of work needed compared with the salary you're offering for the job, the more interest you're likely to receive from applicants.


If you're advertising your job listing online, be sure to state whether the position is telecommuting, partial telecommuting or totally onsite. If you don't, you're likely to receive many email responses asking if the job is a telecommuting one. If the position will be mostly telecommuting, but you prefer someone local to fill it because you expect some face to face meetings, make a point to mention this. Otherwise, non-locals are likely to apply and this is a time waster for them and you.

For online employment listings, including the company name as well as a link to your website is recommended so that qualified applicants don’t decide against applying for fear that your job posting may be a scam. A scam job listing is one that advertises a fake employment opportunity in order to get money fraudulently from applicants. If you don't want applicants calling your company about the job, be sure to state "no phone calls please." Whether you place your job ad online or offline, be clear exactly what steps an interested applicant should take to apply for the position.



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