How Do I Plan a Cross-Country Ski Vacation?

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To plan a cross-country ski vacation, determine your budget, vacation time frame, preferences for locations, and the skiing skills of your party. You’ll also need to find accommodations and make appropriate travel arrangements. Consider checking your ski clothing and gear before your trip to ensure everything is in good order.

Your budget may be a significant factor in planning your cross-country ski vacation. Although cross-country skiing equipment and fees are usually less expensive than downhill varieties, your travel, accommodations, and food may cost just as much. If your budget is modest, you can consider skiing public parks, rather than private resorts. Avoiding the heart of ski season can also be less expensive, but the ski conditions may be less ideal.

The time of your of your vacation may affect your cross-country ski vacation plans. Ideally, you will be able to vacation when the areas you’d like to ski have sufficient snow to enjoy the sport. If not, you may need to travel further for the right winter weather.

Once you’ve decided which particular region you’d like to visit, research skiing facilities. Take into account your skiing skills and the skills of others in your party. Look for ski resorts or parks that offer trails that match your group’s abilities. If you are new to cross-country skiing, you may wish to vacation near a facility that offers lessons, or you may wish to take a lesson or two before the ski vacation.


When you feel that you’ve found a location that meets your skiing needs, search for accommodations. Consider staying at a ski resort that offers nightlife and other amenities if your group will appreciate that. You can also choose a local hotel or motel that is near a number of ski trails.

Decide how you will travel for your cross-country ski vacation. Depending on the area you’re visiting, you may choose to fly, drive or take public transportation. Winter weather conditions can make traveling challenging. If you are taking your own vehicle, ensure it is ready for the trip, which may include using snow tires or packing chains for your tires.

Each skier should review his or her clothing and gear before the trip. Ensure your clothing is appropriate for the expected conditions, but remember that winter weather can be very changeable, and bring some clothing for more extreme conditions. If your skis require waxing, pack the appropriate wax. When purchasing new gear or clothing for your trip, try it out at home before your vacation. Your cross-country ski vacations can be much more enjoyable when your clothing is comfortable, and your equipment is familiar and easy to use.



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