How do I Perform a Patent and Trademark Search?

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The manner in which you can perform a patent and trademark search typically depends on the jurisdiction in which you will perform the searches. In most cases, however, you will have to locate the agency that registers trademarks and patents in your area to perform a patent and trademark search. Many patent and trademark agencies provide websites through which you can search for information for free. Often, such agencies also provide telephone numbers you can call to obtain the information you need. If you are close to a patent and trademark office, you may even visit it in person to perform your search.

When you need to perform a patent and trademark search, you may find companies that advertise such searches. For a fee, they will perform the search for you. In many cases, this service is included with a list of others helpful for preparing to apply for a patent or trademark. While such services may be helpful for some, you can usually conduct your own patent and trademark search without paying a fee.


The easiest way to conduct a patent and trademark search may involve locating a website for the agency in your jurisdiction responsible for patenting and trademarking. You can usually do this by typing the name of the country in which you live along with the words patents and trademarking into one of the major search engines. Then, you can hit submit in order to obtain the website address of the agency in question. You then can visit the patent and trademark agency’s website to begin your search.

Many patent and trademark agencies offer free databases people can use to search for patents and trademarks. In most cases, you can conduct your search by typing in keywords related to your invention or business. For example, if you have invented a device for keeping stray animals out of residential yards, you may type in keywords related to that invention. If, on the other hand, you want to trademark a particular business name or design, you will likely have to search using keywords related to that business name or design instead.

Most trademark and patent agencies also provide telephone numbers through which you can obtain patent and trademark search information as alternatives to the online databases. These phone numbers can typically be found on each agency’s website. Additionally, you may visit local offices or libraries of the patent and trademark agency to conduct your search.



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