How do I Overcome a Fear of Everything?

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If you need to overcome a fear of everything, a good starting point would be to do a thorough self-analysis. You need to determine where exactly your fears lie and recognize them. If you cannot identify the basis of your fears, hypnosis may help you discover what is making you so fearful. Speaking with a psychiatrist can help as well.

Eventually you must face the challenge head on. Before you can do this, however, you need to put things into perspective and try to get to the root cause of your fear of everything in life. Maybe you have fears of a particular nature, or perhaps you are apprehensive and fearful of life in general. If your fears are consuming and all-encompassing, it could make treatment more of a complicated issue.

If you suffer from panic attacks, your physician may prescribe medications, but that may not be enough. Taking medication is not going to eradicate the cause of your fears. Drugs may calm your fears, but the underlying problem may still remain. If you are not quite certain what it is you are afraid of, and why you are consumed by fear, it may be in your best interest to see a trained professional.


A professional may help you realize that your fears are unfounded and the worst that could happen is far from what your imagination is leading you to believe. As you and your therapist delve into your psyche, you may come to realize that you simply are afraid of fear itself. This is what a fear of everything basically is.

Perhaps your fear of everything stems from a poor self image. If so, try to improve your self esteem. Recognize your positive assets and take pride in your accomplishments. Try to recall a time when you achieved success and approval. Relive the moment when you felt very good about yourself.

Do some research, either online or at the library. Self improvement books can provide insight you're looking for. Join an online site with members like yourself who share experiences. It is beneficial to have support from others who share similar feelings.

Another method that might work for you is to face the challenge of your fears head on. It is important to do this one step at a time. Take one particular fear and try to conquer it. Begin by telling yourself you will overcome one fear on a weekly basis.

For example, if you have a fear of cats, force yourself to hold or pet one. Once you have accomplished what you have long feared, you'll be on the road to recovery. The end result will make you stronger as you overcome the anxiety one fear at a time.



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