How do I Overcome a Fear of Aging?

Getting older may result in a fear of aging and, while it may not be an easy fear to get over, it is one that is completely possible. Keeping positive, happy relationships, not only with others but with yourself, can help for a more positive outlook on life. Staying healthy, both mentally and physically, is also another way to conquer the fear.

The relationship with oneself is the most important one to have in life. Make a journal entry every day of the positive things in life, from how great that day's outfit looked to someone that did a good deed. Having a positive outlook can make all the difference when the abundance of happiness keeps getting larger.

Another way to conquer the fear of aging is to keep people around that are happy and fulfilled with life. Instead of sitting on the couch watching television all day, they are out in the world making a difference in the lives of strangers or loved ones, taking classes or reading a book on the beach just for fun. Good conversations and daily contact can allow for stronger, deeper bonds.


Having a life worth living is another way to combat the fear of aging. Take some new classes, whether in person or online. Read books of every genre and age group, complete a list of things that weren't done earlier in life and explore the world outside of the town, even if it means seeing a new town an hour or two away. Reminisce about past events and tell stories to loved ones, but realize that there are still plenty of opportunities to make new memories that will be just as worthy of being told.

Another way to combat a fear of aging is to realize that no one is getting younger, only older, and dwelling on it is wasting moments when something new and exciting can take place. Don't give up the dating life no matter what the age. Dates are not only fun, but have the possibility to lead to love and sex, two things which are well thought to keep people feeling younger.

A shaky financial area can make almost anyone fear getting older. Instead of dwelling what's not there, focus on ways to improve what already is there or how to make more money. It is never too late to get a job, even if it's part time; many people choose to earn money right from their own home. If possible, speak to a financial adviser who can help align the assets.

Eating the right foods and getting frequent exercise can allow for a healthier body and lifestyle. Some people fear aging for a decline in mobility and health and, while things are never certain, taking care of the mind and body as much as possible can increase the chances of being more independent and healthy later in life. Even adopting a dog can help increase how often someone moves around on a daily basis.

Many people believe life gets better with age, but it is up to the individual to make that happen. Conquering a fear of aging can happen with motivation, a positive attitude, being content with oneself and having wonderful people around. After realizing all the wonderful things and blessings in life, getting older may not seem so bad, as it is just an opportunity to gain even more.



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