How do I Obtain a GED&Reg;?

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There are many people that are unable to complete high school and graduate in a traditional manner. For these people, obtaining the general education development certificate (GED®) is a much welcomed alternative. There has been some controversy over the GED® test and whether it really is equivalent to a high school diploma. However, employers and colleges give just as much weight to the GED® as they do a diploma. This is because there is an extensive amount of studying required to obtain a GED®.

The GED® option is not meant to do away with graduating from high school, but rather to offer an alternative. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. For example, there are state requirements for those that want to obtain a GED®. A person must be at least 16 years of age, not currently attending a high school, not already graduated from a high school, and they must meet any other regulations enforced by that particular state.

The GED® test is designed to test at a 12th grade level and is compromised of five various sections. Each section must be passed with a minimum of 60%. The five categories are as follows: mathematics, science, social studies, reading and writing. Most people that want to obtain a GED® do spend a good deal of time studying for it. The GED® test is also timed. While the sections themselves are timed, the entire test runs a little over seven hours.


GED® testing centers are located across the US and Canada. Locate one that is nearest to you and contact them for the very specifics about their testing formalities. Each test center will charge a different fee for the test so it does pay to check around.

Some testing centers will offer tests regularly, while others may only offer them once per month. Anyone interested in taking a GED® test will have to have proper ID and proof of residency. Some people prefer to take a GED® prep course prior to taking the actual test. There are many of these courses offered online. Any parts of the test that are not passed can be taken over again.

There are many reasons that an individual might wish to obtain a GED®, rather than to pursue a traditional diploma. Sometimes people are forced to meet family obligations, some are home schooled, sometimes people simply cannot adjust to a school setting. Whatever the situation, obtaining the GED® can help to regain confidence while also offering what is necessary to further an education or a career.



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