How Do I Manage the Customer Satisfaction Process?

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The effective management of the customer satisfaction process is one that is vital to the success of any company based on the fact that the customers are the bedrock of the success of any business venture. This is due to the reality of the dependence of such businesses on the goodwill of the customers whom they serve in various capacities. To this end, a rigorous system for the development and implementation of an effective method for the management of the customer satisfaction process must be one of the key priorities of any company that depends on its customers for survival or for relevance in the business market. Some of the methods for developing a results-oriented customer satisfaction process include a deliberate effort by the business to define the customers and then an inquiry into the customers' feelings regarding the manner in which the business is performing and their thoughts on the products and services. Following would be an application of the results collected through this process into developing a better customer relations system.


The first logical step toward the development of an effective customer management system would be for the company in question to carry out a detailed analysis to identify its customers, something that will serve as a guide toward the achievement of other goals aimed at improving customer satisfaction. For example, a company that manufactures and sells children’s toys would carry out a study of the people who are its main customer base with a view to finding out how to serve them better. In this instance, the customer base would comprise mainly of parents, followed by other relatives like grandparents, aunts, older siblings and so on, followed by random adults buying gifts for young children. This company will realize that its efforts toward customer satisfaction management should be aimed at this demographic, with a special emphasis on its largest customer demographic, which is the parents of young children.

After this has been determined, the next logical step toward the management of the customer satisfaction process would be for the company to find out if the customers are pleased or satisfied with the products, the service they may have received from various representatives, and other related factors like the store arrangement and accessibility. This information may be collected through various surveys that may include the promise of some reward for taking the survey as a means of ensuring that most people agree to leave constructive feedback. After this information has been collected, the company can use it to make any necessary improvements in the customers' satisfaction process.



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