How do I Manage Back Pain While Sitting?

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There are several ways to alleviate or manage back pain while sitting. One of the most effective ways is to do some light stretching prior to a long period of sitting. Taking frequent breaks from long periods of sitting should help as well. There are pillows or lumbar support devices that can also help you manage back pain while sitting.

Chronic back pain can often be aggravated by constant sitting, such as by doing work at a desk or computer. If you have to spend hours at a time in your chair, a good idea would be to invest in an ergonomic office chair. While these may be a little more expensive than an ordinary chair, it may be well worth the investment if it can save you pain and discomfort. Shop around at office supply stores for a good selection.

Ergonomic chairs can help manage back pain while sitting due to the way they are designed. Many have high-back designs with built-in cushioning for the upper and lower back. Many of adjustable for individual height preference. If you want even more pain-relieving comfort, you might want to consider purchasing a ergonomic chair with built-in massage.


A massage chair can help you manage pain while sitting, as it delivers high-intensity massage targeted to the desired location. Many massage chairs also incorporate a heat option as well. These chairs may be effective for office work or simply relaxing at home while watching television.

If you are looking for an alternative to an ergonomic chair, try a special cushion. Lumbar and cervical cushions may help relieve the pressure and strain your back may be under due to incorrect posture while sitting. Many of these contain specialized foam, much as memory foam for added relief on the spine and lower back.

Pillows to help manage back pain while sitting can be another option. A wedge pillow can help you maintain proper spine alignment while sitting. Even propping a memory foam pillow against your lower back can provide some relief. It's also important to maintain an erect sitting posture and not slouch in your chair.

Don't forget that you need to get up and move about after a long time of sitting. Walk around the room for several minutes and take breaks every hour or so. If you search the Internet, you may find some suitable exercises or light stretching techniques that you can do during these breaks.



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